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Stages of Life is proud to offer a free pharmacy discount service! 

Operated from your phone via an app, it will search for the lowest prices for your prescriptions at all of the pharmacies closest to your location.

All of your prescriptions will be ‘priced’ simultaneously, thereby saving you time and money. You enter your medications in one time and it remembers what you need. You can alter it at any time as it needs change.


  • Less expensive than "GoodRx" 70% of the time. 


  • It is secure, easy to use, modify, and implement.


  • We will email you the instructions and codes to get you started.


  • Fill out the form, below, and we will get things going!

Sign up on the form below. 

Receive an Email with the  instructions! 

Keep an eye out in your inbox and spam folder for the email containing information on the app! 
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